The Compagnie des Archers de Lausanne is one the main actors in swiss archery. The activities led by the club can be summarized as follows:

  • regular training sessions for all skill levels and bow types
  • club activities and local competitions organized by the club members for the club members
  • organization of national and international competitions (FITA, Indoor and Field)
  • public demonstrations to teenagers during the 'Olympic Week'
  • summer schools



The Compagnie des Archers de Lausanne is proud to be active in every discipline of archery: Indoor, Outdoor, Field and 3D hunting simulation. Consequently we have a large set of infrastructures available for all club members, namely an indoor practice hall, an outdoor training field and a marked field course in a local forest.

All the training facilities are available year round to all the club members. Anyway we welcome visiting archers from other countries that are temporarily located in Lausanne region (for professional reasons or on holiday). If you want to train in our facilities please contact one the comittee member to get an official permission. Our main training coach will examine your abilities before any permission will be given. A fee is charged for all short and long stays.

Regular training sessions are organized all year round. For beginners, special initiation courses are regularly organized in summer as soon as a minimal number of requests is reached. This introductory course is based on a 5 lesson program (5 weeks). Some private lessons can also be organized on demand.

You can dowload here a beginner's course request (F) form, a membership request (F) form and the subscription/membership fees (F).

Our main contact address is:
Compagnie des Archers de Lausanne
1000 Lausanne

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